In winter, the slopes of Mount Sabalan are covered with snow and provide a good environment for winter sports.

  – Alvars ski resort 

Alvars ski Resort, in addition to being the largest ski resort in Iran, is very unique and special place. Of course, The specialty of this resort not just for ski resort , also the place of this resort is spectacular . Alvars ski resort is located on the slopes of Sabalan and near the village of Alvars.

The village of Alvars is one of the ancient villages in the area, which was formerly the site of the Shahsavan yaylaq. You can go a lot of skiing tracks, each of which is more modern and equipped than the other, but surely the experience of going to Alvars will be one of the most memorable ski memories for you. Getting away from the  crowds of the city and going to nature and companionship with the hospitable and warm people of the village of Alvars will give you a memorable moments .

The ski resort is located 12 km from the village of Alvars and 24 km from Sareyn, and since it is 3200 meters above sea level, it is snowy during autumn and winter, and is usable for about six to eight months from the year. There are also facilities for lifting and climbing mountains.

  – Sareyn winter festival

The city of Sareyn with its  mineral springs and the Alvars ski resort is located in the country’s tourist areas 27 km west of Ardabil.

Alvars has been ranked first in the country for at least six months since the year, and with its recreational and sporting facilities, it has played a significant role in the development of winter sports, attracting foreign tourists, creating employment in the city of Sareyn. Happy events with speeches and reward prizes will be held in the form of the Sareyn Winter Festival, which will be invited to the renowned national celebrities in the field of cinema, art and singing for the best of the ceremony. The perform of traditional music and holding Different competitions are from festival’s programs.

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