While in the summer, everyone is expecting very hot weather, and in most parts of our country, our , and they keep cool themselves with their home appliances, and they are less out of the house and have been get upset by the heat.

 But these days in Ardabil, we see very cool and calm Weather, and this cool Weather make happy  all passengers.

Ardabil province is an example of historical and tourist attractions. Beautiful nature, warm and hospitable people and cool Weather, especially in summer, attracts many travelers. A city with an average summer temperature of 19 ° C, which means it can be sheltered to escape heat.

-Summer Climb to the Sabalan Summit

Sabalan or Savalan is the third highest mountain in Iran that has many tourist attractions. From the ski resort ، the hot springs and the possibility of climbing. Mount Sabalan was a volcano in the past, but has been inactive for many years. This mountain has cool weather and  green plains . Therefore, during the hot days of the year, many people will get it. Mount Sabalan is 35 km to Ardabil and 25 km to the southeast of Mashgin Shahr. Sabalan is very big. Its length is about 60 km, its width is 45 km and its height is 4811 m.

-Suspended bridge of Meshgin Shahr

Suspended bridge of Meshgin shahr is the largest suspended bridge in the Middle East at an altitude of 80 meters in the Khayaw chai River and is constructed on the forest park in Meshgin shahr, 2 meters in width and 365 meters in length. The structure of this bridge is implemented by domestic experts and engineers of the region and its construction knowledge is indigenous. In the summer, due to the mild climate of the area, many tourists from across the country are visiting this beautiful tourist area.


– Harvest agricultural products Time

Since Ardabil province is ranked among the highest agricultural production, this season we are witnessing the harvest of various agricultural products in the province.

– The Fandoglu Forest Tourism Region

The Fandoglu Forest is one of the most suitable for summer holidays due to its location in the northwestern part of the country. This forest is located 30 km from Ardabil city and 10 km south of the city of Namin. Because of its unique fortresses and its proximity to the Heiran Gardens, it is an ideal choice for nature friends.


-Ardabil province Spas

Ardabil province with more than 118 hot springs is considered as one of the important centers of mineral water and spa in the country. Mineral water is one of the most attractive tourist and medical phenomena that has always been the focus of attention. Mineral water in Ardabil province is scattered in the cities of Sareyn, Nir, Khalkhal, Meshgin Shahr, Givi and Ardabil. In summer, due to its moderate weather, it is the best time to use these spas.

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