Sareyn City

This city is located 28 km west of Ardebil and is located on the northeastern slopes of Mount Sabalan. The presence of rocky buildings and Historical structures in the city and the countryside indicates the importance of this region over the past decades. But the present city’s Fame is due to the existence of more than 12 hot Springs and numerous residential buildings. Sareyn means Spring in the Persian dictionary.

 Natural attractions: 

Sareyn Tourism Sample Area, Alvars Tourism Sample Area, Tabiat sabze Pars Tourism Sample Area, Alvares Tourism Target Village, Kanzag Tourism Target Village, Vind Kalkhouran Tourism Sample Village, Vind Kalkhouran Rock Cliffs Village, Waterfall of Gorgor Spring, Darband Vergesaran, Nomadic Yaylaq in The slopes of Sabalan mountains, the tourism sample area of ​​the villa Daraq, the beautiful valley of Varnyab.

Historic Attractions:

 Anahita’s ancient hill, historic caves of the village of Kanzag, historical caves of the village of Vindkalkhoran, Imamzadeh Seyyed Abolghasem, The hill of the Atashgah .


 The most important Spas in Sareyn:

  Iranian Hydrotherpy complex, Sabalan Hydrotherapy complex, Ershad Hydrotherapy complex (Pehenloo), Shahre Aftab Hydrotherapy complex, Ghahve suyi Hydrotherapy Complex, General Hydrotherapy Complex, Besh Bajilar Hydrotherapy complex, Gavmish Gulli Hot Spring, Sari Su Hot Spring, Yell Sui Hot Spring, Pehenloo Hot Spring, flood plain, carbonated and mineral spring of Arjistan village .