Service Sector


Based on available information, in 2016, the service sector with the allocation of 16.42% of this province’s employment has created the largest job opportunities in the province.

Analysis of the structure of employment activity in the province’s service sector shows that the business activities (wholesale, retail, etc.), transportation and storage activities and communications, educational activities, and the activities of public affairs and defense are the most important services of the province.

In 2016, the total number of employees in the service sector of the province amounted to 30.9% in commercial activities, 19.3% in transportation , storage and communication activities, 15.9% in educational activities and 15.6% in public administration and defense activities , while the relative share of employment in healthcare activities was 5.5%, as well as other public, social and personal services 4.9%, hotel and restaurant activity was 3% estate, rent and business services are 2.8%, and banking and insurance activities are 2.1%, which is among the  province’s important specialty services .

Based on the results of the general census of population and housing in 2016, the relative share of employment services in the province is about 40.9% or the range of variations between the maximum of 50.9% in the city of Ardabil and at least 21.7% in Namin province. In other words, the relative intensity of employment in the service sector of the city of Ardabil is more than 2.3 times that of Namin. It can be shown that the relative share of employment  from the total employment of the province’s cities in the city of Ardebil alone is more than its average in the province as a whole, and is lower in other cities of the province.

This feature indicates that, in comparison with the province, the activity of the service sector in all cities of the province (except Ardabil city) is subdominant activity . In 2016, the relative share of service employment in Meshgin shahr city was 40.4%, Khalkhal city, 37.8%, Parsabad city 35.1%, Germi city, 26.1%, Bilehsavar city 25.9%, Kowsar city 25.1% and the city of Nir is 22.2%.

The most important service specialties (basic service activities) of the province’s cities are listed below. The cities of Bilesavar, Namin, Nir and Kowsar lack basic service activities and all their service activities are categorized as subordinate activities in comparison with the average province.

– Ardabil city: all service activities.

– Pars abad city:  estate activities, renting and business services.

– Khalkhal: Business activities, education, health and social work.

– Meshgin shahr City: Hotel and Restaurant Activities, Financial Intermediation, Public Administration, Defense and Training.

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