Meshgin shahr

Meshgin Shahr city is located 90 km from Ardabil and in the northern side of the Sabalan. Its area is 3617 square kilometers, is bounded by the sarab to south, the Germi to North , the ahar to west, the Ardabil to east and the Azerbaijan republic to northeast.

Historic Attractions:

 Sassanid inscriptions, Sheikh Heydar’s Tomb, Gahgahe Castle, Div Castle, Kohneh Castle, Arashag Castle, Historical Site of  Shahar Yeri, Imamzadeh Seyyed Soleyman of Fakhr Abad, Historical Caves of Binahlar, Imamzadeh Seyed Ebrahim and Seyyed Jafar Onar.

Natural attractions:

Mount Sabalan is located 16 km from Moeil Road and from Lahrud Road 20 km south-east of Meshgin city. The Sabalan mountain range has 3 famous peaks: the highest peak is the famous Sultan Savalan and its height is 4811 meters above sea level, and the other two peaks are the Heram and the Kasra. At its main peak, the beautiful and amazing lake is eye-catching with its clear water, and there are permanent glaciers on the peaks at elevations above 4500 meters.

Sample Tourism Area of Shirvan Daresi, Shabil Tourist Sample Area, Gaynarja Tourism Typical Area, Qotoursoui Tourism Typical Area, Ilando Tourism Typical Area, Typical Tourism Region of Khayawu to Golgi (Suspension Bridge), Sample Tourism Area of ​​Maalek Sui, and Sustainable Tourism and Recreation Complex , Paraglider sites in the Golgi hill (Typical tourism region of Khayaw to Golgoli), Meshgin shahr forest park, Velayat Park (Park and Passenger), Houshang Peasei and Qarehgol habitats, Sabalan slopes and beautiful Lake Sabalan peaks, Stone Eagle, Gor Gore Falls, The nomadic hamlet on the slopes of Sabalan, Tavous Goli, At Golli, Berber Castle, Caravanserai Lei Balaq, the villages of the tourism destination of Onar and Moil, fruit gardens, especially apple and grape vineyards, are among the other attractions of Mashhine City.

Meshgin shahr Hot springs:

 Qaynarja Hydrotherapy complex, Shabil Hydrotherapy Complex, Walazir Hydrotherapy Complex (Ilandooz hot water), Qotour Sui Mineral Water, Dubdoo (Dodo) Hot Water, Moil Mineral Water, Maalek Soi Hot Spring.