Khalkhal City

The city is located in the south of Ardebil province, 114 km from the provincial capital. Khalkhal from 1979 has been famous for Heroo abad. The height of this city is about 1796 meters above sea level and its climate is cold in the eastern part of the Talesh Heights and temperate in the northern, southern and western parts. Based on archaeological findings, the ancient Khalkhal reaches the second half of the first millennium BC.

Natural attractions:

 Beautiful Asalem Mountains to Khalkhal, Almas road, Aznav Spring, Mir Adil spring (Andibel Promenade, Sample Tourism Areas), Nare Gar Waterfall of Asbo Village, Lord Waterfall of Khalkhal khoresh rostam district, Namhil Village Gardens, Brandag Gardens, Almas road Sample tourism area ,Andbil sample tourism area and Aznav sample tourism area.

Historic Attractions:

Khalkhal Museum (Nasr Baths of the Qajar Dynasty), Haj Abdolghani Razzaghi Mosque of Khums village, Sheikh Ansari, Kolor 1 and 2 Baths, Nasiri Historical House, Salehi Historical House, Imamzadeh Seyed Danial, Khanqah Sadat Village, Imamzadeh Kalar Village  11 km from Khalkhal, Imam Zadeh Al Hashemin 3 km away from Khalkhal, Shahrood district, Imamzadeh Abdollah Kolor Tourism Area, Jalal Abad Cave, Kheshti Gilavan Castle, Sheikh Kashfaddin Ansari shrine in Dai Kandi Village, Imamzadeh Seyyed Ahmad Meraji in Sefid ab Village, Sheikh Mohammad Qureyshi shrine in Hashtjin, Qiz and Oghlan castle and quadrangle building.

Tourist destination villages:

 Tourism Target Village of Andabil – Tourism Target Village of Kazaj – Tourism Target Village of barandag – Tourism Target Village of Khojin – Tourism Target Village of Majolan

 The most important Rivers of Khalkhal:

Ghezel Ozan, Shahrood, Sang rood , Arpachai, Heroabad and the most watery area of ​​Ardabil, Qara su, originates from its heights.

 Handicrafts :

 Jajim weaving, Kilim weaving, Carpet weaving, Shawl weaving, Giveh weaving and Felt hats, traditional woolen fabrics, traditional clothes