Autumn the season of “A thousand colors”. The season is full of beauty with shining colorful leaves in its high sunlight. In the autumn, vegetation and freshness of the trees are reduced and nature is decorated with beautiful colors. Ardabil forests and nature and magnificent scenery in the cities of this province, due to its mountainous location and its pleasant climate, has beautiful natural attractions that blurs the eyes of every visitor.

Autumn migration of nomads in Ardabil province

The end of the summer and the early autumn days coincides with the beginning of the autumn migration of the nomads from the yaylaq (cold area) to the kishlaq(hot area).

-Harvesting various autumn apples from khalkhal gardens

due to the favorable weather conditions, Khalkhal is one of the most prone areas for the  cultivation of various apple trees. Harvesting of various autumn apples

-Autumn view of the Soha area

Soha district is one of the most beautiful and greenest areas in Ardabil province, 32 km away from the center of Ardabil province and from the Wilkij district of Namin. The autumn scenery of Soha is definitely one of the most amazing and marvelous landscapes in the area, which gazes at the eyes of every visitor.

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