Agricultural Activities


Agricultural activities

(A): Agriculture and Gardening

Agricultural and Gardening activities of the province, both in terms of employment creation, production and value added, and in terms of expansion in the province’s cities, are far more important than other activities of the agricultural sector and are one of the most important activities of the province’s economic system. This activity has a dominant role in the rural economic system and some village-city of the province. The most important characteristic of agro-industrial activities in Ardabil province is as follows:

Total agricultural land area

The total area of ​​agricultural land (lands of crops and garden and fallow lands) is 719.3 hectares, which is 40.3% of the total area of ​​Ardabil province. The distribution of agricultural land in the provincial district is as follows.

The city of Meshgin-Shahr with 143.1 thousand hectares (19.9 percent) of the agricultural land of the province and the city of Kowsar with 41.3 thousand hectares (5.7 percent) of the province’s agricultural lands, had the highest and lowest Areas of agriculture are the relative share of agricultural lands of other cities of the province from the total agricultural land of the province, respectively, in the city of Ardabil 17.1%, Bilehsavar city 15.8%, Germi 13.6%, Namin 7.9% , Pars abad  7.6%, Nir  6.7% and Khalkhal  5.8%, the ratio of agricultural land of Meshgin shahr city to the corresponding area of ​​the land of Kowsar is like 5.3 to 1.

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