Kowsar City

A Submontane townhouse with cool weather hosted for the hot summer days

Kowsar is located between the cities of Ardabil, Khalkhal, Mianeh and Talesh and its center is Givi, Givi is located 75 km from Ardabil in two separate parts of the lower Givi and Upper Givi, with cold mountainous weather in winter. It is cool and pleasant in other seasons. The Baghroo and Gildagh mountains surround the city and the Ghizil ozan, Sangvarchai, Arpachai and Givi Tea rivers are its important rivers.

Historical background:

In Nuzhat al-Qalub, Hamdullah Mostofi Qazvini, has been spoken of by Givi, which is enclosed in a valley, as well as from the hot water and the cave of Buzlugh (Cave of yakhgan), indicating at least the historical background of this city before the seventh century.

Natural attractions:

 Tourism Sample area Damashami bath (Stony bath) in the southeast of lower Givi ,water tourism sample area at altitudes of 1500 meters above sea level, 7 kilometers east of the Lower Givi, the tourist sample area and the natural-national place of the yakhgan cave on the lands of the village of havashanegh, Sermastan heights in northern Ghiyah, near yal Mount, Ganjgah Lagoon located in the village of Ganjgah, 13 km from higher Givi, Firoozabad Geo Park, Fruit Gardens in the city and its magic autumn and the darbande Mashkool.

Givi Hot Water sample Tourism Area:

 The hot springs are located 7 km from the city of Kowsar (Givi) on the Ardabil-Khalkhal route and is located in the form of the Kawsar hot water Complex on the top of the mountain. Its warm water is near 49 degrees Celsius and is called for the treatment of skin and joint diseases, such as rheumatism and joint pain.

Yakhgan Cave (Natural-National place):

This cave is located near the village of Havashanegh near the city of Kowsar, which is considered as a natural attraction in the region. Inside the cave in the summer, there is naturally ice and It has a cool, pleasant climate.


Rug Weaving, Gilim weaving, Jajim weaving, carpets, woolen shawls.


Quince, Grape, cherrie, sour cherrie, walnut, silkworm, fodder, apple, honey, dairy and local bread (Nazik) are among the souvenirs of the city of Kowsar.

Kawsar City Ardabil IR
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