Pars Abad City

Parsabad is located in northern Ardabil, 222 km from the provincial capital, in the Moghan plain, at an altitude of 20-40 meters above sea level. Pars Abad is the agricultural hub of the province, and has about 60 km of Water border (through the Aras river) and 25 km of land border with the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Natural attractions:

1-Sample tourism area around the lake of Moghan Agro-Industrial Complex

2- Moghan Mil Dam

3- A sample tourism area around the lagoon of Topraq Kandi

4- Aras River-Darreh Rood

5- Fruit Gardens of Moghan Agro-industrial Complex

6- Tourism Village of Oltan

Historic Attractions:

1- Oltan castle

2- Naderi Hill(Aslandoz)


Varni weaving, Kilim weaving, Jajim weaving, Ojagh Gheraghi , Saddlebag weaving, Chante weaving, Socks Weaving, Ribbon Weaving, Saltcellar weaving

Agricultural and Livestock Products:

Wheat, barley, oilseeds, cotton and Fruits, fodder and dairy products