Germi City

Geographical location

 Germi city with three district of Moran, Central and ongut and with more than 93 km of border with Azerbaijan is located in northern Ardabil province and covers a large part of the southern of Valuable Moghan Plain. This city is limited from the north to Bileh savar and Parsabad Moghan, from the south to Republic of Azerbaijan and Meshgin Shahr, from the east to the Republic of Azerbaijan, and from the west to Horand and Kalibar.

Historical Background 

 The oldest known Relics of this city belong to the ancient Paleolithic era (about 500 thousand years ago) from the Gara su River Area and Sambor Chai River. In the city of Germi Moghan, important cities in the Islamic period are formed, including Bajravan and Barzand. Hills, castles, gravestones and historic cities indicate the richness of the region from an archaeological point of view. More than 350 of these works have been identified or registered in the national monuments list.

Historic Attractions

 The city of Germi Moghan in the Miyana-Ardabil highway to the Caucasus has created a variety of settlements, castles and cities in this area, and the identification of more than 30 historical castles has made Germi known as the castles Land. From the most important and spectacular castles of Germi, Inni Qalasi in the Village of Inni, Qiz Qaya Qalasi in the village of Qozlou, Deo Qalasi and Qalabashi in Germi, a Barzand historic city in the village of Qala Barzand, Oghlan and Qiz Qalasi in the village of Dimulo and Boyuk Qala in the village of Dash Ziyo  Can be named.
Ojaghs, Imam zades , famous person and Hero Shrines  are among other tourist attractions of the region, including the Imamzadeh Mohammad ibn Muhammad Hanafiye temple in Qala barzand, the shrine of Agha Mir aziz in Germi, shrine of Mir Sadat Khan in Qozlou and shrine of Rahim Khan in Brazand, To be named. The historic houses of Germi city and the  house of the Vakili family in the village of Ashaga and Yukhari Van in the Moran district, as well as the historical-natural caves, gravestones,  and remains of the watermills of the villages of Alyalah, Abazalili, Qozlou, Omastan, Daryaman and Ramazanlou  are other tourist attractions in this region.

HandiCrafts and Souvenirs

Moran Kilim, Ongut Verni, Germi Carpet, Moran Honey, Meat, Herbs, Dairy (Cheese, Butter, Whey), Walnuts, Pomegranate, Quince

Important Rivers

 Zingir (Tapa chai), Balharood, Germi Chai (Toulon) and Barzand chai (Sari Qamish)

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