Nir City

Nir is located 35 km from the capital of the province on the way of Ardabil transit road to Tabriz. The city is considered to be old provincial settlements in terms of the Urartian inscriptions , and has  special stony architecture. Meanwhile, the location of the sub-roads of the historic Silk Road reflects its prosperity in past periods. In the historical sources, the name of this city was Nayriz.

Historic attractions

 Historical bridge of Girmizi korpi (red bridge), Shah Abbasi Caravansary, Ancient castle of Bouini Yoghoon in the Tourist village Kur Abaslou, Imamzadeh Kurayim, Golestan Shelter and fortress, 12km Northeast of Nir, Ancient Caves of Abazar, Museum of Nir

Natural attractions

 Sample Tourism Area of ​​Bolaghlar, Sabalan Sample Tourism Area (Borjlo and Qaynarja Spa), Saghizchi Sample Tourism Area (Isti Su and Dip Sizgol spa), Illanjigh Sample Tourism Area (Isti Su Spa and Hamam darasi) , Golestan sample Tourism Area ,Qar-e-Shiran Sample Tourism Area, Yamchi Dam Marginal sample Tourism Area,Ashaghi sham Recreation Area


Kilim Weaving, Carpet weaving, Jajim weaving


 Dairy and honey

Nir City Ardabil IR
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